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Zinajda's detailed CV


2009 - 2011 Master of Arts in Performance Practice in Contemporary Music - Flute: directed by the Ensemble Klangforum Wien at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Graz, Austria, graduated with honors in the class of Eva Furrer and Vera Fischer

2007 - 2009 Master of Arts – Orchestra Instruments – Flute at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Graz, Austria, graduated with honours in the class of Nils-Thilo Krämer

2003 - 2008 Bachelor of Artsin Theatrical Practice and History at the University of Literature, Trieste, Italy, final mark: 110/110 with honors

2004 - 2007 Bachelor of Musicfrom the Conservatory of Music in Trieste, Italy, in the class of Luisa Sello, final mark: 110/110

2005 Erasmus Programmeat the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna in the class of Raphael Leone (piccolo player in the Vienna Symphony Orchestra)

2003 - 2012 Active participant at Flute - Masterclasseswith Mario Caroli, Eva Furrer, Raphael Leone, Agostino Cirillo, Hansgeorg Schmeiser, Ried de Reede, Thies Roorda, Franco Massaglia.

Working Experience



2015 – Present: Guest flutist in the Ensemble Distractfold, Manchester

2013 – Present: Flutist in the London Contemporary Orchestra

2014 – Present: Flutist in the Ensemble BlauerReiter, Munich - Germany

2012 – Present: Substitute flutist in the Ensemble Klangforum Wien - Austria.

2012 – Present: Flutist in the Ensemble Schallfeld, Graz - Austria

2010 - 2014 Flutist in the Ensemble Zeitfluss from Graz - Austria.

2014 - 2015 Flutist in the Ensemble ClapTon, London - UK

2013 Flutist in the Ensemble Interferenze Sonore as Flutist and Manager, Milano-Italy

2010 - 2011 Substitute flutist in the Ensemble für Neue Musik, Graz-Austria 

2009-2010 Principal Piccolo of the Austrian Youth Orchestra - Wiener Jeunesse Orchester

2009-2010 Piccolo in the Orchestra of the Opera House in Cagliari, Italy



2002 – Present: Privately tutoring Flute, Music Theory, Italian Language, German Language.

2016 – Present: Teaching Italian and German Language to adults and kids at the Ad Meliora Academy

2011- 2013 Teaching extended techniques for Flute in contemporary music at the University of Music Graz in the flute-class of Nils-Thilo Kraemer

2013 Leading the Music Educational Project in the Kindergarten “Sv. Jakob” in Trieste, Italy. 10 meetings throughout the year

2009 - 2010 Teaching Flute at the Music School of Prosecco (Trieste, Italy)

2006 - 2007 Teaching Flute at the State Music School of Piran (Slovenia)

Writing and broadcasting

2012 – Present:  Radio broadcasting at the Italian National Radio RAI in Trieste as reviewer and essayist  writing and recording classic music concerts reviews and series of music broadcasts for children.

2011-2012 Radio broadcasting at the Slovenian Radio Koper in Koper (Slovenia) as reviewer and essayist  


Competitions and awards


2013 Winner of the Cross-border Echos Music Project Award, Italy-Slovenia

2011 Scholarship as Best graduate of the year 2011 at the University of Music-Graz and at the same time as one of the 50 best graduates of the Year 2011 within all the Austrian Universities.

2007 First prize at the XVI National Music Competition “Riviera della Versilia” of Viareggio (Italy), Cat. E

2006 Third prize at the II Ars Nova International Music Competition of Trieste (Italy), Cat. D

2006 Third prize at the XX National Music Competition of Ravenna (Italy), Cat. E




Italian – Mother tongue

Slovenian – Mother tongue

English – Excellent written and spoken

German – Excellent written and spoken
Spanish – Fluent spoken



References are available on request.

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